Episode 3: Before You Jump In

Tune into the third episode of The Day Trading Authority Podcast! This time, Mark and Brian discuss what you need to know about day trading before you jump in. They cover the latest markets they’re currently trading, show you some mistakes you definitely do not want to make, show off their genius moves, preview a snippet of an exclusive interview with author Anne-Marie Baiynd, and field your listener questions. Read on for the full description and download the episode right away!


The Day Trading Authority Podcast Episode 3: Before You Jump In

In this episode Mark and Brian discuss:

Current Trading. What markets Mark and Brian are currently trading, why they like them, and why it works for them.

Before You Jump In. Before you jump into day trading, you’ll need to cover a few basics. Our hosts take the principles from a poignant post from NetPicks Coach Shane Daly, “Before You Jump Into Day Trading,” to help prepare you for the markets.

Tales from the Stupid. You don’t want to miss this segment, where Mark and Brian cover some day trading mistakes that even experts like them succumb to.

Genius Move. On the flip-side, every so often traders encounter moves that are pure genius. Check out what Mark and Brian discovered by adjusting their range bars, and listen in as they tease a new approach based on price flow.

Interview with Anne-Marie Baiynd. We share a snippet of our interview with Anne-Marie Bayind, author of The Trading Book. She shares some great insights onto what her methods are: successful indicators, favorite key levels, her golden ratio. And if you enjoyed the snipped be sure to check out the full interview here: Interview with Day Trading Author Anne-Marie Baiynd.

Listener Questions. Lastly, Mark and Brian cover questions posed by our listeners. You don’t want to miss their discussion on Forex vs Futures.

Be sure to listen in below, or download the episode onto your MP3 player, mobile device, or CD so that you can access The Day Trading Authority anywhere you so please. Enjoy!

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