Episode 1: The Day of Reckoning

In the premiere episode of The Day Trading Authority Podcast, NetPicks Co-founders President Mark Soberman and COO Brian Short tackle issues that traders struggle with every day. Listen in as they cover:

The Day Trading Authority Episode 1 - The Day of Reckoning
    1. How Mark and Brian got into day trading and what they currently trade
    2. Why having a flexible trading system is key to long-term trading success, based on the post: Flexibility in Your Trading
    3. Tales from the Stupid: you won’t believe the mistakes we make sometimes. Mark and Brian cover some of their past mistakes and what we can all learn from them
    4. Genius Move: on the flip side, there are always instances of those great trades where the odds are in your favor and you’ll have to listen which trades they share with you
    5. The Day of Reckoning: Mark and Brian cover the inevitable time when your system might get exposed. They cover what it is that causes that, how you can respond to it, and how you can avoid it

Be sure to listen in below, or download the episode onto your MP3 player, mobile device, or CD so that you can access The Day Trading Authority anywhere you so please. Enjoy!