Episode 2: Understanding Day Trading Losses

Listen to the second episode of The Day Trading Authority Podcast, where Mark and Brian will be covering managing day trading losses in your career, trading mistakes you won’t want to miss, genius trading moves that you can try, a preview of an interview with day trading guru Michael Martin, author of The Inner Voice of Day Trading, and will be taking questions from you, our listeners. Read on for the full details and your download link…

The Day Trading Authority Podcast Episode 2

Episode 2: Understanding Day Trading Losses

In this episode Mark and Brian will be covering:

Trading Losses. One factor that determines long term day trading success is how traders deal with losses. Our hosts take a look at NetPicks analyst James Kessick’s article Understanding Trading Losses, and discuss how losing is a part of doing business in trading.

Tales from the Stupid. Just because they’re day trading authorities doesn’t mean they never make mistakes. A preview of what to expect in this episode: wheat futures, trading the wrong month, and wait for it… distractions! You won’t want to miss these goofs.

Genius Moves. Mark Soberman, a synonym for day trading genius.. who knew? Judging by this trading tip, there might just be some truth to the claim. Also, many traders out there would be wise to follow Brian’s genius tip, a simple change that can make a huge difference in your sessions.

Interview with Michael Martin. We preview an excerpt of our interview with day trading guru Michael Martin, author of The Inner Voice of Day Trading. Mark and Michael discuss the Power of Quitting and the reasons behind why we trade.

Listner Questions. Lastly, we’ll be taking your questions and answering those day trading questions that have been on your mind.

Be sure to listen in below, or download the episode onto your MP3 player, mobile device, or CD so that you can access The Day Trading Authority anywhere you so please. Enjoy!