Episode 6 Transcript: Zombie Trading Days Are Over (Part 1)

Mark Soberman: Welcome to the NetPicks Day Trading Authority. This is Mark Soberman and thanks for joining us today. And once again, I’m joined by my co-host superhero trader Brian “The Scalper” Short. Brian, are you out there?

Brian Short: I am Mark and thanks for those kind words that’s much appreciated.

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Episode 3: Before You Jump In

Tune into the third episode of The Day Trading Authority Podcast! This time, Mark and Brian discuss what you need to know about day trading before you jump in. They cover the latest markets they’re currently trading, show you some mistakes you definitely do not want to make, show off their genius moves, preview a snippet of an exclusive interview with author Anne-Marie Baiynd, and field your listener questions. Read on for the full description and download the episode right away!


The Day Trading Authority Podcast Episode 3: Before You Jump In

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