Episode 4: Trade While You Travel

Listen to this fourth episode of The Day Trading Authority Podcast! We have an especially funny podcast for you this time, starting off with some tips on when and if you should trade while you travel. Mark and Brian review the markets they’re trading today, share with you trading mistakes to avoid, present some genius tips to keep you profitable in the long run, and hold an exclusive interview with Chris from FX Trading Reviews covering the ins-and-outs of forex robots. Click through for the full podcast and more details on what’s covered in episode 4!


The Day Trading Authority Podcast Episode 4: Trade While You Travel

In this episode Mark and Brian cover:

Current Trading. Metals, Oil futures, DAX futures, Russell Emini and more. Mark and Brian go over why they’re fans of these markets and how they rank.

Trading While You Traveling. You can’t always trade from your home office, but the markets continue to operate even when traders are traveling. What’s the protocol when trading on the road, and how does it affect our trading? You’ll want to listen in for tips on how to adapt and whether or not to trade.

Tales from the Stupid. Some helpful mistakes are covered this time with premature stopping in your trading session and learning how to focus and execute on trades.

Genius Move. You’ll appreciate these take-aways from our hosts, showing you the advantages of a continually changing trading system, and having contingency plans for your trading.

Interview with Chris from FX Trading Reviews. If you’re going to trade with a forex robot, it’s best to have as much information as you can. Take a listen to this interview with the Founder and CEO of FX Trading Reviews as he delves into how to judge the effectiveness of a bot, what to look for in using a forex robot, and more…

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